Scholarships for short stays – August 2022 – Rochi Nóvoa Vázquez

In collaboration with the Residencia Literaria 1863,  Coruña, Spain, we welcome in August a Galician poet and  musician, Rochi Nóvoa Vázquez, as she likes to be called. She is an English teacher and a versatile poet who has been labeled gothic and punk the greater number of her poems are believable and touching, and their intensity does not interfere with craftsmanship. Many of the verses are voracious, as if plucked from the depths. She loves life and tries to get the most out of it, which is why she is always busy.

Restless and culturally active person, she created and constituted several youths and cultural associations in the rural interior, so abandoned and devastated, for which she continues to fight every day.

Rochi edited the newspaper O voceiro do pobo, collaborates with other magazines and local radio and television programs.

On stage, she does not let anyone indifferent, since it is all strength and passion accompanied   by musicians of great prestige, having even collaborations with Galician rock groups such as Zenzar, Ruxe Ruxe among others and Daniel Minimalia Latin Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Album.

We can often find it in poetic solidarity acts and joint recitals.