Historical Parade of Borowiaks on July 17, 2021

Herbalist (played by Dorota Gromowska) – this is our character. The oldest “theme village” in Bory Tucholskie, the “Mushroom Village” in Krzywogoniec, cultivates local traditions by organizing the Mushroom Festival every year. Recently, Krzywogoniec has also become an important place for poets on the map of the country. The herbalist participates in the parade, reminding us of herbalism as a profession that has been forgotten by many. Herbalism is the oldest branch of human knowledge dealing with the issues of harvesting, drying, packing and storing medicinal plants. Herbalist, because of their knowledge, called witches, were the first pharmacists. The “knowing ones” aroused admiration and fear, because the sources of their knowledge were unknown. The fact that healthcare was taken care of by women was not at all typical of all cultures. It was a tradition among the Slavic region, and among the Slavic women Polish women were the first.


For the 9th time, an event initiated by Wojciech Kociński was organized by the Starosta of Tuchola, and it was held in conjunction with another event adhering to the traditions of Borowiacy – the Borowiak’ Folklore Day. The host of the Historical Borowiak ‘Parade is the Starosta of Tuchola. The parade is a cyclical event, organized since 2011 to integrate the inhabitants and recall the history of the region in a playful way in the context of the Tuchola Forest, because the culture of Borowiack has been inspired by forest motifs for centuries.

Pictures: Andrzej Drelich – Tucholanin.pl

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