Maja Baczyńska’s poetry events

krzywogoniec_2021-06-26-021Maja Bczyńska’s poetry events dedicated  to the promotion of her book “Pióra dzikich” (Feathers of the Wild) – Grand Prix at the 4th National Contest ” Golden Bee” 2021

August 22 (Sunday) 2021 from 13:00 during the festival Duzy Format  – MDK Bielany, ul. Cegłowska 39 in Warsaw

August 27 (Friday) 2021 at 18:00 – Dom Zarazy, Stary Rynek Oliwski 16A, Gdańsk

September 14 (Tuesday) 2021 at 17:00 – City Public Library in Tuchola, ul. Pocztowa

October 04 (Monday)  at 18:00 j  Café księgarnia Tajne Komplety Przejście Garncarskie 2, Wrocław

Musical performance  – Maja Baczyńska

Introduction by Grażyna Wojcieszko

At all those events it will be possible to obtain the author’s dedications and buy the book.

Maja (Maya) Baczyńska –  polish performer and multi-instrumentalist, director, poet, author of fairy tales, stories, columns, reports and librettos. Winner of music, poetry (including the first prize in the “Silesian Shakespeare” Polish Literary Competition, the second prize in the “Autumn Chrysanthemum” Polish Poetry Competition), film and theatre awards. She co-runs the “Presto Muzyka Film Sztuka” magazine and coordinates the social campaign “My Music Story”. Founder of the MUDO Music Documentaries film group. She plays concerts of intuitive music, as well as relaxing music, she also creates music for butoh performances. She has participated in the Butohpolis I International Butoh Art Festival in Warsaw, the Festival “Literature like photosynthesis”, the Sonus ex Machina Festival (with the Warsaw Gamelan Group) and the Music Festival Ecos Urbanos in Mexico. She co-runs the philosophical blog “My Messages”. She has made several original shows and films, and is working on new ones. She gives music and art therapy classes. She is interested in: Mother Earth, spiritual spaces, man and his dreams.


…. Maja Baczyńska dedicates her volume “Feathers of the Wild”, awarded in the competition for the Golden Bee, to her father, who died during the pandemic. In the author’s preface, she evokes a dramatic image of a patient lying under oxygen, and then, in the book he gives us all to hand, include as much of this symbolic oxygen as possible. This book breathes every verse and that’s what’s amazing about it….

Justyna Bargielska