“How to transfer folk art to modern interiors?”

18  August 2023 at 17:00 Tuchola

We invite you to the  Borowiacka Folk Art Exhibition and to a discussion panel on “How to transfer folk art to modern interiors?”, which will take place in the “Pod Halabardami” restaurant in the Tucholski Ośrodek Kultury o. and tea, we will talk about the above topic with special guests – who combine knowledge of interiors and art on a daily basis. They will be:

– Ewa i Marek Mieruszewscy – Siedlisko Gacanek – Bory Tucholskie;

Folk art is largely applied art, and as Wanda Szkulmowska wrote in the book “Folk Art of Kujawy. The past and the present”: “Today, it can be found more often in cities than in the countryside, folk art objects are made for sale to recipients outside one’s own circle […]. New recipients have different needs and tastes, so contemporary folk art often differs significantly from historic prototypes. It’s a completely different phenomenon now.”