Rochi Nóvoa Vázquez

Rochi’s extremely fruitful stay in our foundation ends with a few words about the book she wrote with us.

“Diagnóstico poético, os versos que levas dentro” Poetic diagnosis, from verse you hold within is a book written by Rochi Nóvoa a Galician poet from Spain.The book was written in Poland in August due to a   Artistic Creation Grant .

Poetic Diagnostic it is about the similarity between humans and birds, the need of flying in freedom, as well as the needs of keep being metamorphosing all along the live, knowing from the deep , being coherent , feeling light as feathers, finding always the way.

I will say that Rochi has bound the inner part of herself showing naked a total truth in every verse.

The book also invites you to write poetry with some nice exercises that you can practice in your own or not, in a very funny entertainment way, she also encourage you to know yourself, thinking about what it really cares and is worthy in life.

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