Residential Translation Workshops

From 4 till 10th February the authors:  Alain van Crugten, Yolanda Castaño and Grazyna Wojcieszko will spend a week with us with full board in czAR(T) Krzywogońca.  The workshop are based around mutual exchange of translations of each other’s work.


Alain van Crugten

Belgian author and translator. worked as a professor of comparative literature at the Free University of Brussels until 2006. He is also an author who has published ten plays and nine novels. He has translated around forty Dutch works by authors such as Hugo Claus, Tom Lanoye. He has  translated from Polish  the literary work of Witkiewicz, Bruno Schulz,  Mrożek, Różewicz, Pankowski, Grochowiak and Wojcieszko. Van Crugten has won several international prizes for his translations into French, including the Prix de Littérature Traduite.

Yolanda Castaño

Spanish poet. She has published 6 poetry books in Galician and Spanish. A finalist of the Spanish National Poetry Prize, she has won several  poetry awards. She is a relevant cultural activist, regularly organizing monthly poetry reading series, festivals, literary and translation workshops, all of them hosting local to international poets (Galician Critics’ Award Best Cultural Manifestation 2014). Her poetry has been widely anthologized and translated into many languages, including Chinees and Japanese.

Grażyna Wojcieszko  is among the foremost of the contemporary poets presently emerging in Poland, author of  six poetry collections. Her poetry has been widely anthologized and translated into French, English, Spanish,  Czech and Swedish. She got several poetry awards. She has taken part in the judging of numerous Polish poetry competitions.  (